When your new course work arrives … wrapped in red tissue paper!

OCA LEVEL 1The next chapter of my life has begun … and with a little bit of style I might add.  I finally took the plunge to start a degree – a Creative Arts degree specialising in Creative Writing and Photography and I am more than excited.  Some may say it’s a waste of time, you are either a writer/photographer or you’re not.   For me though this isn’t just about learning how to be a writer or photographer, it’s more of a personal ambition to gain a degree in my lifetime.

Going to University was never an option for me when I was 18 and leaving college, it was only for those children whose parents could afford it, I don’t ever remember having a chat at school or college with any of my friends about what University we were going to.  I have been in full-time employment since I was 18 and it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I often thought if only I could get a degree just to prove to myself I could.  Here I am finally at a time where I feel it is right (58), I am happy in my job, my life and have some free time to spare, it just seems right and to be able to study about two subjects I love is the icing on the cake.

This degree is perfect for me and to be able to do most of it online is ideal.  I do hope that it will help me to organise and structure my writing and photography and for me to have a good understanding of the history of them both.  I am eager to learn, I always have been and as you will have read in my previous blogs I am also a very positive person and believe it doesn’t matter what age you are it’s never too late to learn.  If you do feel the urge to study, then it doesn’t have to be towards a degree.  This University also provides learning towards Foundation courses.  There are also other ways of studying Creative Writing.  For instance, The London School of Journalism, where I achieved a Diploma in Journalism/Travel writing, I also completed The Writers Bureau – Creative Writing Course.  Both of which really taught me to be excited about the wide range of topics you can write about and have a feeling of achievement, even if you don’t get published.  It was extremely helpful to have a professional encouraging you and providing critiques to your work other than family or friends.  I would highly recommend both those courses.

As for me the degree route is next for me.  It took me some time to finally undo the beautiful wrapping of my course work and am so excited to begin.  I will of course provide the occasional link to  my progress with the OCA via my OCA blog which is a mandatory part of the course, for those interested in this avenue.  However, I will continue with my personal blog aimed at over 50’s, writers, food lovers, photographers and to the positivity of life in general.  Wish me luck.

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