Points V Calories

You might be thinking what on earth is she saying, what points? If you’ve never heard of weight watchers then you won’t know what I mean.  But who hasn’t heard of weight watchers, well strangely enough my eldest daughter had no idea what it’s about “what do you mean points for food mum”, not that she needs to be looking at any kind of weight loss programme – so I guess unless you do need to lose weight it’s not on your radar. Having now tried several different ways of loosing weight I’ve ventured into the world of points for food.  Similar to calorie counting in a way, but a heck of a lot easier….. you might think if it was that easy surely everyone who wants to lose weight would be doing it.  So it can’t be easy.   Or can it?  Admittedly  it is a different way of life having to count points for what you eat.  It is however much easier to count from 1 to 10 than calories which sometimes amount to hundreds.

I joined weight watchers on Saturday, February 17 and have to admit am a little bit excited and very motivated with the wide range of recipes and how simple it is to count the points, especially when the item of food or recipe is 0 points.  Yes I know, hard to believe but that means you can eat as much as you like of 0 points.  Examples such as salmon, tin of tuna, kidney beans, broccoli, salads and most fruit to name just a few.

For my first day, I had a greek yoghurt with honey for breakfast, a tuna salad for lunch (2 teaspoons of mayonnaise) with a mushroom cuppa soup.  Dinner was amazing, I followed a Weight Watchers recipe ‘Morrocon Vegetarian Shepherds pie, was delicious, (0 points), accompanied with broccoli baked potato and sweetcorn.  The whole day’s food was a total of 20 points.  My daily allowance is 23 based on my height, weight and age.  So I still had 3 points to grab something extra, but I didn’t and was able to carry them over to the next day.  I loved the whole idea of being able to add more vegetables if I wanted to really fill me up and at 0 points it was such a great feeling.

During the day I added my points to the already downloaded weight watcher app and put my points in, they were deducted automatically.   There is also a chart that tracks your weight loss with an ultimate goal at the end.  The other tool on the app is the Activity button.  Again this is based on a point system.  I have been given a total of 30 points a week as my target.  Easy you think, not quite when 60 minutes of walking is only 6 points so you would need to do that at least five times a week to get your 30 points.  However, if that’s what it takes I feel thats what I need to do.  I have decided to follow their 6 week High Intensity plan.  This starts you off at an easy pace with the aim to be a lot fitter after 6 weeks.  My first day was to walk for 5 minutes, sprint for 8 seconds (that was hard, especially when you’re not used to running, then walk or jog for 12 seconds, then run for 5 minutes and stretch at the end.   At the end of 6 weeks your expected to be able to run for 15 minutes! It really has given me inspiration and sometimes we just need that little bit of help along the way.

I’ll keep you updated occasionally with my progress especially my first weigh in and perhaps after six weeks.  It can be done, I am determined and excited at the thought of being a dress size smaller.  Anything is possible.


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