I am a Writer!

I am a Writer!  You have no idea how long it has taken me to say that.  The question we, ‘writers in waiting’, ask ourselves is when can we officially say we are writers?  Is it when we get our first paid publication, or if we scribble our inner thoughts into a new notebook.  I believe we can all be writers, the minute we put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.  For me – it’s only now I feel confident enough to call myself a writer, even though I have written short stories, poems, travel articles and kept a daily diary at times.  I have never had anything published, not that I have gone all out to send my work off. I’ve been saving my work for some reason, perhaps waiting for the day I can leave the day job and concentrate on writing full time, making sure I have a filing cabinet full of stories and articles I’ve already written.   Whatever route I take or am taking the dream has always been to be a writer.   So what has suddenly made me think that I can call myself a ‘Writer’?  I’m not sure, all I know is I write every day, I feel the need to write, even though sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about or why I’m doing it, it’s just a feeling deep down inside of me.   Now here I am writing a blog that has empowered me to call myself a writer.   ‘The power of Positive Thinking’, it doesn’t matter about your age it’s about finding yourself, finding out what makes you truly happy and to go for it.  If you feel the need to study writing I can recommend two of the many courses I have attended, both available to do online.  The Creative Writing Course at The Writers Bureau  and  London School of Journalism/Travel. Both provided me with a lot more confidence, with positive feedback and the encouragement to move things forward.   In answer to my own question, yes, I now believe I am a writer.  Like any craft I will continue to learn, to make mistakes, to cry in frustration and want to give up, but most of all I will continue to write.   I want to help others achieve their dreams by being positive, and to make you realise that anything is possible, that age is not what’s holding you back,  it’s lack of knowledge, experience or confidence.  If money is lacking, there are books in the library that will help you get writing or in second hand book shops.  I got my latest book secondhand.  As you can see at hardly any cost at all and its great, just makes you write, makes you believe you can be a writer.  I would love to know if you have battled with calling yourself a writer and if there is cause for a debate by published authors v notebook scribblers.  Whatever the outcome, continue with your dreams don’t let anyone stop you.IMG_2314.jpg

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